Check Yourself!


What am i doing wrong here? I can´t get it to print the word of the user

empty_string = ""
name = raw_input ("Enter a word:")
original = raw_input
if len(empty_string) > 0: 
        print original
        print "empty"


Remove this line,

and remove this one as well,

Change the name of this variable to original and not name,

your if statement should check original not empty_string,

if len(original) > 0:


print 'Welcome to the Pig Latin Translator!'

Start coding here!

original = raw_input("what's your damn name" )
if len(original) > 0:
print raw_input("jimmy")
print "empty"

thats how I coded mine, I replaced "print raw_input" with my previous answer before the check check it up


Thank you for this! Problem solved! :slight_smile:


You are welcome:relaxed:


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