Check yourself... some more



im having troubles with my code, the message that appears is:

any thoughts on this?


line 2 and 3 should be one line, you should store the result of the raw_input in original


how exactly can i do this?


Yea, that is the question. What do you think?


am i not storing it in original when saying original = raw_input?

the problem states that there is no atribute in "isalpha", i tried using: original.isalpha("original") but says the same error, then, what attribute should one include?


you are, except raw_input is a function call which means it requires parentheses:

original = raw_input()

which is what you do here:

raw_input("Enter a word: ")

which is why i recommend you to combine this lines, otherwise you prompt twice for input while you only need once


thanks a lot! got it right after your advice