Check yourself...some more (NEED HELP!)


PLEASE help me with my code below.... it keeps telling me that i have accidentally deleted the variable called original!!....

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Original =raw_input("enter a word:")
if len(Original)> 0 and Original.isalpha():
print "Original"
print "empty"


Why are you printing Original as a string? It's not going to print what you typed.


okay thanks!....even if i print what i want it still gives the same error


your Original variable doesn't need to be capitalized. The lesson wants it lowercased.


Hey. I know the answer for your question. I faced the same problem today and I have found a solution.

Pay special attention to the line 3 in your code. You have to use the method isalpha() with the "original" variable while using "print". (e.g. print original.isalpha(): )

In your case, as well as it was in mine - the "original" will be the input from user and it will be outputted exactly like it was inputted till the moment you change conditions.

As I understood, Codecademy automated tests just compare your output with expected result. So it prints exactly what you've written at print part of your code.

Hope, I was helpful.


i didnt really understand....sorry:(


doesnt work even if its lower cased


Please post an updated version of your code.


raw_input("enter a word:")
original= raw_input
if len(original) > 0 and original.isalpha():
print "present"
print "empty"



original, isnt holding what you input into it, it only holds raw_input. original should be holding what's in your first raw_input.


You want to print original, not just a string itself. The string will already be in original.


You forgot a colon. Do you know where to place it?


i m actually new to coding...will u pls show me exactly how my code should be


That would be against the community guidelines... So, unfortunately, no.


owww didnt know


It's okay, I understand the feeling. But how would you learn if I just gave you the code? You are really close right now, just make the changes suggested by @intermediategamer and your code should work.


this is my new works nd in the console when i run it it shows enter a word: i enter and the error i wrote below shows

original= raw_input("enter a word:")
if len(original) > 0 and original.isalpha():
print "present"
print "empty"

this is the error
It looks like your code does not print original ("suraj") when original is only made up of alphabetical characters.


Alright, you are soooo close. The issue is, you are not printing original… Therefore, all you have to do is change this line:

print "present"

to this

print original

and your code should work (assuming you used proper indentation).


thank u! it worked:)


How do you know the .isalpha() part? That wasn’t covered in any section before, right?


that is a very good question that I have myself.


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