Check Out the Code by Stetim. Its an Impossible to Beat Tic-Tac-Toe Game!

Its in this Codebit! Preety Sick!

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I played it and was disappointed :pensive:

Edit that is a Developer Tool Change

Lol nvm Edit. Thats not right. You went to the Developers Tools and Changed it. I tried to do the same but didnt work. Dont Try to trick me lol!

Try with this way:

Maybe we can script toghter something

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Did not to anything else, than played the game, can even record it for you :wink:

i made an updated version, so @dookoo_de solution won’t always give you a win. you can find it here. You might need to press run with js, for javascript code to load

it is most certainly not unbeatable, there are 3 ways you have a change to win or force a tie

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Found one way :sunny:

Nice little game

do not read this post if you don’t want the solutions, there are a few ways you can win, @dookoo_de method.

You can also start in a corner, the computer will pick the middle. then you pick the opposite corner of you starting point (if you choose top left, take bottom right as second move), if then the computer picks a corner, you can take the last corner. this way you will win, if the computer doesn’t pick a corner, you should be able to force a tie

you can start in the top center, the computer will pick the middle (i think i need to change so the computer won’t always pick the middle). then you can choice center left, of the computer takes bottom center, right center or bottom right, you can take top left, this way you will win

thank you, nice you enjoyed it dookoo_de

Edit: of course you can rotate all these methods.

record/prove it. no way you just made a corner

It does not always give you a win but if you start with diagonal corners then you also win

yes, if you select the diagonal corners, and the computer selects a corner, you can select the last last corner, you have a win. If the computer doesn’t select a corner, it is a tie

Oh Sorry i thought you just went from bottom left corner to middle to top right corner and won lol. Well Im creating another Project.

Not unbeatble after all :frowning: new project coming soon!

Hello, Everyone.
After 1 year straggle trying to understand Javascript.

I coded my first project Tic tac toe.
Would anyone would be so kind just to take a look 10
and pint out biggest problems with my code?

I would be vert grateful.
Thank you for your time!