[Check] Fashion Blog Project (HTML)

Hey guys!

I have just finished my first project in HTML. Can you check please - Link

Especially I’m not sure if I correct placed section and div tags

I will appreciate any feedback!

Thank you for your time!


Heya, looks really good. The one improvement I can find isL

  • You can indent the element in the to make it easier to read,

The sections and divs look good to me.

Thank you so much.

Yeah definitely you right and also after complete Fundamental HTML course I would replace div tags on header, main, article and so on for better SEO and easier to read.

Thank you so much!

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Hey, I just looked over your first project.
In my opinion you did everything fine!

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Thank you so much!

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Great first project, it looks awesome. Now you can try adding a different font or a background to practice styling on your site. Keep up the good work!