Cheatsheets' Unorganised

I would like to know why the cheatsheets on Codecademy, or at least in the Machine Learning/AI Engineering Fundamentals course, are so disorganised. The flow of the cheatsheet notes is so different, and definitely less coherent and meaningful, than those encountered in the actual lessons. Is there something I am missing or is Codecademy simply not putting enough effort into making good cheatsheets?

That’s a good point/observation.

I’m wondering if this thread could be put into the Community category, under “Suggestions/features/course requests”. I think it would be a good suggestion and it might get more traction/notice.

In general, cheatsheets are supposed to be brief snippets that could trigger the retrieval of coding concepts in one’s mind. How would you organize them differently?

Sometimes, and especially in the case of some of the Python Fundamentals material, related topics in the cheatsheets are not grouped together but are separated apart with other topics in between them. It breaks the flow of study and makes the cheatsheet less effective.

I understand that a cheatsheet should be used to trigger retrieval of coding concepts in one’s mind, but triggering related concepts in one’s mind helps to further reinforce topics.

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I would organise the little chunks of summarised notes in each cheetsheat in the same order as they appear in the corresponding lessons. The logical flow of the lessons make the notes easier to understand, and thus the cheetsheat notes should be ordered likewise.

… and please make them 2 columns. That’s much more convenient for PDF creation or printing.