Cheatsheets out of order?

I’m working my way through the web developer course and am noticing on all the cheatsheets, especially in the javascript and now the JSX lessons, that the topics are listed in a different order than how they were ordered in the lesson themselves - making them far less useful and more difficult to easily go to what I’m looking for. Many or all seem to be ordered correctly, BUT they are started from halfway or more through the list - with what should be listed first appearing midway down or more.

Is this something that’s done on purpose for some reason or is it just a glitch/mistake?

To me, the cheatsheets would be much more useful and efficient, if they followed the same order that the topics were covered in the lessons.

I’m not familiar with that course so I can’t comment on whether or not it’s a mistake/glitch or on purpose.

You could always make a suggestion here:

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