Cheatsheets for Modules and Lessons Placement

Anyone find the cheatsheets, modules and lessons organization confusing? There are good content in each of them, but I just feel like the placement is a bit disorganized. For example, I clicked one cheatsheet, and there is an update on top of the page saying there’s a cheatsheet beta. So which one is better and why put the old cheatsheet there and not update it with the beta one? I had to look and figure out the differences, when I could’ve been spending the time studying them. So I would love to be able to figure out all the cheatsheets and practice packs and where they are and how they’re related. Thanks!

I haven’t run into this issue myself. But, I assume they put the beta cheatsheets there to see which one is more popular (maybe an A/B test) OR, they never had a cheatsheet for that particular lesson or concept and it’s a new thing…to see how many ppl actually click on it and use it.

What path or course(s) is this for?

I am doing the data analyst track. I just found that on the top menu, there’s a resource button where all the cheatsheets and articles etc are. So, that helped a lot. Maybe I would like the course to be more structured, where it’s like a lesson comes first, then challenge, then project. But unfortunately, I just find it popping up after I’m done with one thing and it’s better if I have an expectation or routine to follow. If there is one, can someone help me see it? Thank you! love Codecademy and the wide variety of offers.