Cheatsheet JavaScript course document stuck on printing!

Hello, everyone!

I’m trying to print the ‘Introduction to JavaScript’ course through the ‘Print Cheatsheet’ button, but after printing the first two pages of the ‘Introduction’ topic, it gets stuck on printing… A “Receiving data” message appears on my Brother DCP-J105 printer. At first I thought it was a wireless issue, but it’s the same on a wired connection. Is there any way for us to download that document in PDF? Or maybe it’s something related to the website itself?

Thanks in advance!

Hello @alro7779 , can you post the link to the lesson so we can have a look?

Certainly! Here’s the link:

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The fact it’s able to print the first two pages might suggest it’s an issue with the printer (or your computers connection to it), to test you could try saving it as a PDF (as you mentioned), which you can do, at least on Windows, through Microsoft Print to PDF, then print the downloaded PDF file:

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Hi, @notlyall!
Now after saving the document as a PDF file the way you suggested, I could print it entirely! Thank you!
So the issue is fixed even when I still don’t know what the problem was… maybe it was related to the operating system. Anyway, it’s fixed now!
Greetings from Mexico!