Cheatsheet download not working

Hi :slight_smile:

Im doing the ‘Build Your Own Cheatsheet’ class and the set up instructions include a download called html-css-cheatsheet-starting

But when I click on the file once downloaded it opens an empty browser with no text or error message, have I done something wrong?


Hi, @core5924750607
The link that as you say opens should open.
Then that link automatically closes and the download should behind itself.
If it does not start downloading prefer using the latest version of google chrome.
Thank You

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Hi there,

Thanks fo your response! I downloaded the latest version of Google Chrome but I’m still experiencing just a blank browser when I click on the index.html file thats in the dowloaded zip file called: html-css-cheatsheet-starting. I think I must be doing something wrong but I’m not sure what?

@core5924750607 That empty page does open and with it the download should start.
If it does not start

  1. Try clearing site data of codecademy by going to settings of your browser.
  2. Try using a different browser