Cheat-Sheet Project
I went a little overboard with this one, I hope it still fits the criteria.

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It looks beautiful.

There are a number of 404 errors on all of the links in templates, and CSS under language on the home page.

The HTML5 under language covers the actual assignment, so the others aren’t as important, though I would probably have included a under construction page landing page or something for the others if they aren’t meant to be in-use.

Thanks for the feedback!
I’ve now fixed the css3 page, the link was pointing to CSS3/index.html rather than css3/index.html
and I’ve now added the templates, as well.

The home page looks great. The templates page seems off.

Yeah, it’s acting a bit weird, for me the headers say the same thing the homepage ones do, sorting it out right now.

There! It now works as intended. Thanks @esmdev for the help!

Looks great and everything seems to be working! Nice job.

@esmdev, do you have a study-group on discord?