ChatGPT Project: Effective Prompt Engineering

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My first time using ChatGPT. Please see my prompt and ChatGPT response below and provide constructive feedback. Thanks!

Prompt: Provide step by step instruction on how to go from a career in customer service for a marketing company to a career in technology. What technology field is best for a beginner. Key functions of customer service is communication, empathy, compassion. What are technology jobs that have customer service crossover?

ChatGPT response: Here are some step-by-step instructions to transition from a career in customer service for a marketing company to a career in technology:

Assess your current skills: Start by assessing your current skillset and identifying areas where you need to improve. You may need to invest some time and resources into learning new technologies and gaining certifications in relevant fields.

Identify your interests: Think about the specific area of technology you would like to work in. Consider the skills and knowledge you already possess, as well as your interests, to determine which area would be the best fit for you.

Research the technology field: Research the technology field you are interested in and identify the key skills, certifications, and experience required for entry-level positions.

Network with professionals: Connect with professionals in the technology field, attend industry events and conferences, and participate in online forums and groups to learn more about the industry and build your network.

Gain relevant experience: Consider taking on technology-related projects or volunteering for technology-related organizations to gain relevant experience and build your portfolio.

Apply for entry-level positions: Apply for entry-level positions in the technology field, highlighting your transferable skills, customer service experience, and relevant technology knowledge.

Continue learning: As you gain experience in the technology field, continue to learn and develop your skills through training and certification programs.

As for the best technology field for a beginner, there are a few options to consider. One option is to start with a general IT support role, which can help you develop a broad range of technical skills and provide exposure to different areas of technology. Another option is to focus on a specific area of technology, such as web development, software development, or data analysis, depending on your interests and skillset.

There are several technology jobs that have customer service crossover, such as:

Technical support specialist: Technical support specialists provide customer service and technical support to users of technology products and services.

User experience (UX) designer: UX designers use their customer service skills to design user interfaces that are intuitive and easy to use.

Technical writer: Technical writers create documentation and instructional materials for technology products and services, requiring strong communication skills.

Customer success manager: Customer success managers ensure that customers are satisfied with technology products and services and help them achieve their goals.

Product manager: Product managers work closely with customers to understand their needs and translate them into product requirements.

In conclusion, transitioning from a career in customer service for a marketing company to a career in technology requires a combination of skill assessment, research, networking, gaining relevant experience, and continuous learning. There are several technology fields and jobs that have customer service crossover, so it’s important to identify your interests and skills to determine the best fit for you.


Wow! Not just the response, but the question. It perfectly frames how we can objectively utilize AI, but subjectively, and non-definitive.


Thanks mtf. Appreciate the feedback!


Fab. Your prompt is very detailed and it really focussed ChatGPT on exactly the information you were seeking.

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Here is my prompt. I will not include the response as what I am looking for is a reusable prompt that gives 3 different assessment questions/answers, based on a written script, which will have to be pasted in each time.


Please provide one example of each assessment type (Multiple-choice, Ranking, and Matching) based on the given video script about Gmail. Use the terminology from the script and write the questions and answers in French using the infinitive form whenever possible. Ensure the questions are directly related to the content of the video script without adding any additional information.

Video Script Excerpt:
[Include the specific sections of the video script relevant to the assessment questions]

Example Questions Needed:

  • Multiple-choice: Create a multiple-choice question with the correct answer indicated by β€œC” at the end.
  • Ranking: Provide the correct order of steps for a given process or task.
  • Matching: Create a matching exercise where items need to be matched with their corresponding descriptions.

Please follow these instructions to provide the requested examples. Thank you!

Your feedback is very much appreciated. Thanks!