Chat with our Senior Curriculum Developer!

Hi, everyone learning in the Codecade-verse!

Jonathan T, the Head of Community here.

The brilliant Benjamin Stone, one of our Senior Curriculum Developers, will teach part 2 of How To Build a Tech Portfolio tomorrow, Wednesday, September 21st, at noon EST. Tune in on our Youtube channel here.

We also understand y’all may have additional questions following the live stream, so Ben will answer any questions afterward below.

Thanks to Mariana for co-hosting. We can’t wait to connect too!


P.S. If you missed our first one, watch the recording here.


Pls can we work together from Africa

We are running a vocational college where the advanced coding is highly necessitated.

I shall be very happy to share contact with a person in char GE in the code academy!

Pls I await your quick response!