Chat Bubble Not Even There

Title is pretty descriptive of the simple issue… It just doesn’t even appear! Tried it on 3 different browsers and 3 different computers!

Pls help…

Hi @spudinatorcode,

I assume you’re talking about the chat bubble for Advisors. Do you have any adblockers enabled, and are you able to see the chat bubble on Intercom’s website?

Yes sorry, I am talking about the advisor bubble… I have no ad
blockers enabled and I CAN see the chat bubble on intercom’s website.


also, I know you guys are the expert coders but just from taking the Learn
HTML and CSS course, looking at the intercom website’s HTML script and
finding the button in the script looks different (dont know if its wrong
but its different, almost as if it were missing something) compared to the
codecademy script for the button.

@spudinatorcode Could you post a screenshot, please?

Also, do you know if there are any settings on your network or computer that might be blocking 3rd-parties (Intercom) from loading on Codecademy?

@Spudinatorcode Hm, that is odd. Would you please file a help request in the help center? The staff will be able to look into this better than I can.