Chapter 2 task 4


Im just a little confused with chapter 2 task 4. I dont feel the commenting and explaing match up with the result im getting in the command line when doing:

ls -la

It says : "Number of hard links. This number counts the number of child directories and files. This number includes the parent directory link (..) and current directory link (.)."

But current directory clearly have 7 hard links? but it says 5 when doing ls -la.

And again doing: cd action. It says 4 hard links but it is 7 when i check.

Also group name seem to be wrong, and date and size of file is opposite order of how discription says.

Not too big a deal i just want it to make sense! Thanks for all replies. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


the second column displays the number of directories and links in a directory. the action directory has 4:


that is 4, it doesn't count files

Hope that clarifies, personally, i have been using linux now for three years, if there is one column i never pay attention to, its that one.


Ok thanks for the reply.

But the quote says "This number counts the number of child directories and files"

What does links refer to when you say: "...number of directories and links in a directory. "?

Anyway it seems to make sense so I'll settle with this answer.

I had Linux before a period when I had an old computer. Ubuntu, I'm just bored and doing some excersices :slight_smile:

Thanks again.


which is not right

Ubuntu is a good start, i used Ubuntu for a while, then i tried a bunch of different distros before settling with arch linux.

I am one of those people who started using linux, and never ever wanted to get back to windows xD


Any I think I read about that one, it's like the most anti windows distribution. No flirting with windows. Only hard structure in the ways to add programs and so in.

Well well well... I found a true hardcore.. heh go with that.


its not anti-windows, its KISS (keep it simple, stupid), it comes with the bare minimum to run your system (command line interface, keyboard support, that is pretty much it, ethernet during installation, but that is pretty much it)

its cool, you truly get to know the system :smiley:


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