Changing Variables A Misunderstanding?


Hey Guys I'm Stuck at this lesson here (
Getting Started in JavaScript Lesson 26 Changing Variables

I keep getting this error message TypeError: console.log is not a function

// On line 2, declare a variable myName and give it your name.
var myName =  ("David");
// On line 4, use console.log to print out the myName variable.
// On line 7, change the value of myName to be just the first 2 
// letters of your name.
// On line 9, use console.log to print out the myName variable.


on this line:

var myName =  ("David");

why do you use parentheses? No need

uhm.. you might want to revisit this exercise about substring, your substring doesn't look really good. And you should update the myName variable, to update a variable:

test = "i am about to be updated"
test = "test is getting updated/reassigned"

but then update myName with the substring of myName

And then on line 9, log the variable myName to the console, not a string myName


Thanks bro I'm going to redo this module. I know I'm not getting everything.