Changing the font size of lessons

Due to my eye sight. I’m having a very difficult time reading the font size used on this site. Especially on the lesson pages. An example, I can’t see a difference between a “.” and “,” even in this posting. Is their anyway to view the font size larfer for this site, without having to change mt entire desktop resolution? It’s the font size you use. Since I don’t have this issue on other sites.

Hey Paul,

I find it odd that you don’t have trouble reading text on other sites - Codecademy’s text isn’t unusually small or anything.
You can use Ctrl + + to zoom in on a page in your browser, and Ctrl + - to zoom out - Ctrl + Scroll will also work :slight_smile:


If you change the zoom as @zystvan said then you should keep in mind that when running CSS code (font-size, margin ect) on codecademy your zoom needs to be on 100% :smiley:

Changing the lighting on your Laptop/PC screen could help with visibility.

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