Changing the font family



I cannot seem to update the webpage with the CSS styling for the exercise where you have to add

font-family: Palatino, 'Palatino Linotype', serif;

The above isn't the full script but where do I place it in the existing editor. Do I need to create it above the existing h1 tag or within it. I am not sure. Grateful if someone could provide the answer with the full script. Thanks.


please provide the link to the exercise you are writing about ....


The above takes me to the exercise page.

I need to insert a bit of script to change the styling however I cannot see from the existing code where to place the snippet.


could you provide a screen-shot of the opened exercise......??



What they asking you to do is style the h1 tag which you need to do under main.css tab, look in the main.css tab and you will see h1 you will have to add the font-family under there


Thanks for pointing that out Zaina. I Was trying to add the CSS snippet the html window. I did not notice main.css until you mentioned it. Thanks.