Changing preferred language

We have people experiencing language errors. We have not been able to replicate it, so providing as much detail as possible will help.

We have observed from users:

  • Automatic changing of languages
  • You can change your language preferences in account settings
  • Loosing progress when you switch languages

When you switch languages in Codecademy, you can think of it as starting as a new user. Your progress hasn’t been lost—if you switch back to the language you started with, your progress will still be there. I know this is confusing, and we’re actively working on a solution to sort out this issue. I recommend sticking to one language so that your progress remains consistent.

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Please also navigate to Account --> Preferred Language and make sure your preferred language is listed there.

I have tried changing to English - I get his message.

“You are currently viewing the site in English. This may affect your progress. Click Here to return to Estonian (Estonia).”

When I go to a new page on the site, I’m right back viewing the site in Estonian.

I have tried it in Firefox, Safari and Chrome all on OSX.

The site is basically useless until this bug is fixed.

Sorry you are running into issues! That is frustrating.

Can you please confirm that you have navigated to Account → Preferred Language and made sure your preferred language is listed there?

-Codecademy Community Manager

Yes, English is listed.

Which course were you experiencing issues in?

Your account seems to be working fine. Any more details would be very helpful. Is there any way that you can also attach a screen shot of what you are experiencing?

Thank you, and Happy Learning!
-Codecademy Community Manager

Alex, thanks for your quick response.

I might have temporary fix.

  1. Changing language at the bottom of the page doesn’t work (won’t hold).

  2. Go back to ‘Account’ --> ‘Preferred Language’ Changing language from English to Spanish.

  3. Browse a few pages in Spanish.

  4. Go back to ‘Account’ --> ‘Preferred Language’ change the language back to English.

Now it looks like English will hold, however, a permanent fix is needed. The bug really gives a bad first impression of Codecademy.

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Apologies! I am glad you have found a workaround for now, we will definitely look into it.

Let me know if it happens again.

Thank you, and Happy Learning!
-Codecademy Community Manager

I was about to start a Python course.

Thank you for the workaround! My account switched to Spanish awhile ago and I couldn’t get it to switch back. I cleared the cache and cookies for the site, reloaded… But resetting the preferred language seems to be fixing it. Hopefully it sticks.


Just like kcnicky above. I tried clearing my cache and cookies but the website kept changing back to Spanish after I chose English from the drop down menu on the bottom right of the webpage and being logged out correctly displayed the website in English. I tried alexcommunitymgr’s suggestion of navigating to Account and changing the Preferred Language to English and it seems to work.

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I was having the same issue with the site being stuck on Chinese, but switching to a different language and then switching back seems to have fixed it! Thanks!

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