Changing My Major, Need Advice

Hi there. So, I’m exploring new majors after taking some courses on here. I’m really passionate for Minecraft, and would love to work for the company one day. I’m trying to decide between Computer Science, Game Design, & Game Development. I’m also trying to decide between an Associates & a Bachelors. Any advice if I aspire to be a Minecraft Developer?

I’m too old to have any suitable advice, only questions. Must admit, also, that not since Galaga and PacMan have I been a gamer so I should clearly not know anything about that world. I do have a friend next door with a terrific machine. He’s a gamer, but not a programmer, a combat engineer in the Forces.

More importantly I am not a programmer, and wouldn’t know the first thing about Minecraft (might be a quick study, though). Like I said, only questions.

What chance do you see game programmers of ever having a union or professional association, or contract lawyers? In my view, they represent a craft just like any other trade, yet there are no unions to represent them as a trade. In the employment scheme they are disenfranchised and have no say in the aims and objectives of the owners of their intellectual property. Nor a share of the spoils, or any guarantee against burnout and ultimate layoff.

Is that a career? Or just another trade? You want to invest a hundred grand in that? Programmers are the ones who build the casino and are done. The industry chews up programmers and spits them out. Not a career, a job, and not secure or rewarding and with benefits.

Be a Minecraft freelance who learns about the code side on your own time, and not on borrowed tuition.

If you want to spend a hundred grand, look into areas that will need your expertise for the long haul, and be a part of building something future generations can benefit from. There are a multitude of disciplines that need the skills of programmers. Look into that, and decide how you want your money invested in your future.

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