Changing my GitHub username

Hi All! I want to change my GitHub username, but I’m a bit nervous about the process. My main worry is breaking the SSH link from GitHub to my computer. How do I change this in the terminal after I’ve changed my GitHub username? Thanks.

Have you checked the docs for the details yet- Changing your GitHub username - GitHub Docs

It goes through the relevant issues.
You can find details of the upstream path(s) for individual projects with git remote -v and any changes can be done with git remote set_url. For a fast bulk change I’d suggest a web search for some guidance.

If you have a default / email in your config then it’s up to you whether you change that too for the sake of future commits.

Hi tgrtim. Thanks for that. I had read through the GitHub Docs, but they didn’t seem too clear to me; the layman. I’ve gone over them again and spent time digesting them, and they do seem a bit more clear now. My commits are associated to another email address, so I shouldn’t lose them. So all I have to do is 1. Change any links I have to my profile page and 2. Reset the remote URL’s I already have, via the terminal. All future commits will go to my GitHub account? My problem was that I thought I had to change the URL locally for future commits, but now I realize that is done when I make the change in GitHub. Am I correct?

I’ve not tried changing username which is why I’d definitely suggest using the docs for info. I think you’re on the right lines though, from what I gather after looking at that page is that it’s straightforward but you should change the address for any remotes that point to your own profile. Once that’s done you wouldn’t have to specify a url for every push/pull.