Changes to user profile pages

I’ve just noticed user profiles (not in the forum, but in the website) have been re-designed and wanted to give my opinion on the “Latest Courses” section.

I like the idea of showing % progress in each course so people can see our real time growth, but the problem with this approach is that by having no means of hiding or deleting courses in this list, the section can show paths and courses we don’t intend to continue.

For example, I started an A-Frame course purely out of curiosity, but with no intention to do the whole thing. Now I have A-Frame being shown in my public profile, so in an attempt to get rid of it I just reset the progress and found that it’s still showing, albeit at 0%.

Would be nice to give us some more flexibility on how we want to display these. I would also reverse the order of the 2 sections so that certificates are at the top.

Thanks for reading!

If I ain’t wrong, you can unenroll from courses from your home page by clicking on the “Edit” link right above your courses.


thanks for the feedback @ignasivelasco , we hear you!

and you are indeed correct @yizuhi!

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