Change Workspace Language

I was wondering if there was a way to change my workspace bash from running Python 3 to Python 2. I just finished the entire Python 2 lesson and am currently on a pro trial. My projects from the lesson are all written in Python 2 but cannot run in the workspace because I believe it takes Python 3 error arguments.
Is there a way to change this?
Is there a point in continuing to write in Python 2 or should I begin learning Python 3? I assume they have similar fundamentals.
Any help would be great, sorry if my diction was confusing, it is probably obvious I am a novice lol.

Python2 will not be supported any longer and is deprecated as of Jan. 1, 2020

You can set python3 as your default if that’s what you’re saying.

echo "alias python='python3'" >> .bashrc source .bashrc


We are all novices at some point. Don’t worry about it! We learn something new every day. :slight_smile:


It can’t hurt to be familiar with Python 2, at least to look at it. Not a lot of point diving deeply into it, though.

If you are looking at code and you see,

print "Hello World!"

user = raw_input("Enter a number ")

print range(10)

print filter(lambda x: x < 0, lst)

among other suspicious looking code, you’re looking at Python 2.

print was then only a construct. It is now a function.

print ("Hello World!")

raw_input() is deprecated and unsupported in Python 3.

user = input("Enter a number: ")

Iterators in Python 2 returned a list. Now they return an object.

print (list(range(10))

print (list(filter(lambda x: x < 0, lst))

Those are some of the basic differences that stand out. It helps to know if you’re looking at old code, or new. Not that big a deal, though. Python 2 is slowing disappearing into the sunset.