Change Viewing Layout


Is there a way to change the default viewing layout so that the workspace display screen can be viewed in a separately detached window? Its really frustrating how both the instruction, coding, and display panes are all crammed together. I’m unable to view the display screen in its entirety which makes viewing results of coding changes hard to view without constantly having to scroll around. Please advise.


What device are you using? No, customization is not possible in codecademy editor

for codecademy, a reasonable screen size is recommended


I’m on a desktop (Chrome browser) with two side-by-side 24" dell screens but the Codecademy layout is still not ideal. Every other coding site I’ve used (and am using) either shrinks the web display screen, or allows the user to separate screens. For this reason alone, I’ll be canceling my Pro subscription and subscribing to TeamTreehouse.


you can fiddle with the width of the different columns and make the text-editor full screen, but there is no way to get them below each other. Its a design choice made by codecademy.