Change the Username

Please change my username to Codely.

Users can change their profile names within their Codecademy profiles under “Basic Information.”

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Can you please give me a shot where it is?

We do not have that capability. Only users can change their profile names as I mentioned above.

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Where is it located?
I know this is using discourse, i have been using this, there will be no options for changing the username. only Moderator can change it.

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Codecademy uses SSO (single sign-on), so you change your username here:

on the main website. Then your username on the forum should change as well (this might require logging out and logging in again)


And, just to add unnecessary complexity, I believe there’s a time-window in which this must be completed, or else the username is locked forever. Sigh. Looks like you’re well within that time frame, though, @course7060371986 so please let me know if you need more help and I’ll tag in a customer support rep from our team at HQ! Thanks a ton @lisalisaj and @stetim94.

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Just for my own personal curiosity (If you don’t mind), why would there such behavior/feature/qurik? What is the gain/advantage of restricting the tine-window in which the username can be changed?