Change the scrollbar color of the forum in dark theme

Hey there Codeacademy staff,
in dark-mode I have some hard time seeing where the scrollbar is. Maybe a darker color for the thumb would give better contrast against the white of the track and better match the dark-greyish of the dark-them.


Dark mode on the forums?
CC didn’t create the theme for the forums. @alexc did. :slight_smile:


Hi @usernamegiapreso care to share some screenshots of which bit you are talking about in particular? (and ideally shots of what you would prefer it to look like)


Hi @alexc!
This is what I see right now:

I think that giving the thumb the same --header-background custom variable used for the header, the topic-body, textarea etc would be quite the fit. However, personal opinion, something with a gradient playing around a dark purple would be interesting, or blue like the CodeacademyForums logo. :slight_smile:

which bit you are talking about in particular?

The scrollbar of the document, not a scrollbar of a single element in the page.

just playing around with it :slight_smile:

using custom var --header-background

purple gradient using the custom vars --love-low and --love

blue gradient using the blues I picked on the site and modified a bit (#006bd8 and #003b77)

Oh I understand! I’m developing it on a mac so the default scroll bar looks quite nice. I didn’t think about stylising the document scroll bar. Nice idea I’ll definitely look into doing that!


Ha, same here. My scroll bar is light grey-ish. I quite like it. :slight_smile:

I (think) I’ve updated the scroll bar now on non-mac machines, in both light and dark modes.

Could you please check and confirm @usernamegiapreso ? And let me know what you think of them :slight_smile:


Very cool, thanks! It’s truly appreciated :slight_smile:

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No worries! Does it look okay?

Definitely, I see you used the same style of the scroller for topics, good idea!

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