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Welcome @pyrockstar29433, I hope your down time is healthy and healing! I’m also brand new around here and found changing my profile picture and username less than straightforward. But I did figure it out and thought I might be able to help you.

  1. I had no luck in this section (the Q&A forums). Navigating to settings through here allowed me to change my cover photo, but neither my profile pic, nor username (which wasn’t as bad as yours :confused:).

  2. Ultimately, I had success by navigating to “My Account” by clicking on the icon photo (in the upper right corner) from the actual course exercise page I was working on at the moment.

  3. From there, I clicked, “My Account” and then scrolled down to change “username” and “profile picture”.

Good luck with your coding!


No, I think this is because the profile is linked to Gravatar according to the email you are using for your account.


All account related FAQ can be found here

To change your profile you need to change it on logout on the forum and login again. - Read here

Thanks :green_heart:

@adventurebarbie - looks like there is an issue with changing your profile from the Q&A Forums/Codecademy Help/ - when you’re in any area of Codecademy Help (the Q&A Forums button is obviously a direct link to the section you’re currently working on), there’s no way to change your profile picture! You can only change your profile pic directly from, and not from

We know. We have found a recommend a workaround for the time being. I’m not sure if it will be changed, but you’re correct.

You are just pretty much repeating what @zainabrawat said, and bumping an old topic up.

Please try not to do that in the future :slight_smile:

My bad! I just didn’t understand that from @zainabrawat’s reply, since it wasn’t very grammatically clear.

This isn’t really what I would call an issue, it is planned that way. Several bits of information about your account on is transferred every time you login to

As @zainabrawat pointed out, there is a Help topic explaining how that works.

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I didn’t find it that unclear, but I guess it’s different from person to person :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree with you, I guess it’s not really an issue. Though it would be nice to change your profile pic from Codecademy Help, for knuckleheads like me :yum:

I don’t know what that means exactly.

@travism87 I didn’t explain as I added link to Help article which has the instructions :slight_smile:

by Codecademy Help I meant You can’t change your profile pic directly from

And thanks @zainabrawat :slight_smile:, touche!

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Ah, right. It is a one way data feed, the site is the authoritative source of your account info and bits of it are just copied to discuss,

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