Change my username

Hey @devpro80895, I assume you mean nickname change it by going to prefrences.

I don’t seem to be permitted to change my nick in preferences.
I checked before adding that “ps” in my previous post.

I think you actually have to go with the codecademy website

Or if you didnt log in with the same account as your codecademy then thats where the problem is

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Yes, thanks, apparently I can change it there.
But my nick has already been taken (by me probably)
It’s weird though…
Ah, yes there it is.
Just checked apparently I had registered with my other mail account too.
Just changed the nick on that account to “Domaldel2” and now this account is nicked as “Domaldel”
Btw, is my profile (and therefore my name) visible to other users?

Damned, changing my nick on /account doesn’t change it here…

Yea you have to create a new account. Hope you didnt do much with this account @devpro80895.

I did quite a bit actually…
But I’ll live I guess…
Still, I think I’ve found something I’d like to suggest as a new feature.
Allowing us to change nick after account creation…

You can make a topic about that going to the Suggestions category so its more well known, and you might have a chance of them changing it! :smile:

@devpro80895 After changing your username on the main site, come back over to here and log out and back in, and you’ll have your new username showing up :slight_smile:

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Ok, testing that now. =)

@zystvan @amanuel2 Thanks for the help folks. =)
Now, how does that look? :wink:


@domaldel Amazing :exclamation: :smile: :smiley_cat:

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I have successfully changed my username except for one thing;
my username change doesn’t show up in the forums,
it says my username is digital7626490256.
I changed it to >Javascript–Python–Java< but it does not show up.

Change seemed to have work:

you might need to logout and login again on the forum to reflect this change for yourself