Change directories into scifi/

6.7 Change directories into scifi/.

List all files and directories in the working directory.

You should see a copy of all text files starting with “m”: matrix.txt, matrix-reloaded.txt, and matrix-revolutions.txt.

Click Next to learn how this works.

Can anyone help me with this?

Use ls to list the contents of the current directory. Is scifi in the list? If not, then you may not be in the correct working directory. Use cd .. to move up one level and ls to view the contents. Once you find scifi, use cd scifi/ to navigate to that directory.

It would be easier to help if we know what lesson you are on. Can you please post a link?

Manipulation cp II

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Type pwd to get the current working directory. Is it action? If not, then that is the directory you need to find and navigate to. From the action directory,

cp m*.txt scifi/

That will copy all files that start with m to the scifi directory.

ls scifi/

to see the list in that directory.

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