Challenges dead?

Hi folks! :smile:
Are the challenges dead or what?

Not dead, but in abeyance while the resident judges pursue their academic path. There is nobody to test the submissions, at present, so not much point in posting challenges. If you are so inclined, then take this up with @oduffy and start the ball rolling, again.


Yep, as @mtf said the challenges had a lot of overhead in checking. And it was taking a very long time to check everyone’s answer as the challenges go more popular, and I didn’t want to rush it! The challenge writers also are busier this time of year.

It would be great to see some community led challenges, we are more than happy to support you if you want to create & mark your own challenges, just give us a message.


Yeah, I’m not really cut out for writing challenges unfortunately so I’ll just wait instead. :slight_smile:

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We are waiting for a new challenge