[Challenge] Simple challenge with numerical sequence

Again prompted by Albion, I propose you yet another simple (yep, trust me: it is simpler than it looks) challenge sporting a Fibonacci variation.

Again, let me remind you that you could follow me when joining CodeWars registering from here (so that you can more easily see my solutions and stuff).

Triple Shiftian Numbers and let me know what you think about it :slight_smile:

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Thanks Giacomo. That was fun … after I figured out what the challenge was asking me to do. :smile:

Thank you, @cloudninja for sharing the challenge. I was embarrassed in the end, but my solution did work, so it’s not all bad. Very impressed by the best solution. But then what newbie wouldn’t be. I’m sure there’s a gotcha, even in that approach. Have you done any benchmarking on the solutions to discover their weaknesses? What really is the ‘best’ solution? (Rhetorical question, don’t answer.)

Great challenge!

Thanks guys :slightly_smiling:

While not sure about which was the best solution, if you allow me to answer the rhetorical question, I would just say “the one that gave the most fun to its creator”; sometimes I play with performances, sometimes I do that trying to do a one-liner and so on :wink:



Couldn’t agree more.