Challenge Project: Build a Website Design System

Challenge Project: Build a Website Design System – This a link to the lesson.

I am having a problem here. There is nothing in the downloaded zip file. Okay technically there is a folder called starting with index.html and styles.css but these files are blank. There isn’t any code in them so when I load them into the browser all I see is a blank page. I’ve double checked by testing this on my linux machine and a macbook air with the same results. Can someone please look into this and please share the files with me for this project. Thank you.

I think the files are intentionally blank - the exercise requires you to build up the HTML and CSS from scratch. You can open the blank files in a code editor and do it there, or just do it on the Codecademy page if easier.

I think you’re right. I woke up this morning thinking about this more and I felt really dumb about this. Makes sense to me now and I’m embarrassed by this post. I even sent a bug report ugh! Well mistakes were made by me and I apologize for making this silly post. Thank you for the response. Compute Well.

No worries - I’ve made plenty of mistakes like this myself… Good luck with the rest of the course!