[Challenge Project] Build a Website Design System

Hello fellows,

Finally I finished my website design system. I really enjoy learning by doing. Please take a look and feel free to comment. :smiling_face:

Github: GitHub - wtpbell/website_design_system
Preview: Building My Website Design System

*only html and css

Well done, bellwong. Next time, please post your projects that you’ve finished in the appropriate section. Get Help is for getting help on coding issues.

With that said, you’ve chosen a lovely pastel color theme. The main thing I would note is that there’s definitely some contrast issues between your typography and your other colors. You can check whether there will be contrast issues for some users by checking your colors against a WCAG contrast checker, like this one: WebAIM: Contrast Checker. I believe there’s also a contrast checker built into Chrome’s devtools.

For clarity, I would also recommend making the titles of the typography sections actually formatted as those heading levels. For example, you could make " H1: Main Page Heading" into an H1. That way, at a glance, one can see what the size of that heading level would look like.

Hello, @taylorsabbag appreciated your comment. I will keep it in mind and try to modify it.
Sorry that this is the first post for me. After posting here, I realized that I should post to another section. Again, thanks for your advice!