[Challenge] Picture Summer

Part 1: Hello! I created this challenge so that we could remember summer! I’m not the judge, @StevenCopeland land is instead after running Challenge: Word Game.

-Beginner Challenge

This challenge will not win the first place award. If you submit a valid entry, you will get the badge for a valid entry * Create a picture that has some summer like element

-Intermediate Challenge:

This challenge will not win the first place award. If you submit a valid entry, you will get the badge for a valid entry * Create an animated picture that is summer related

-Pro Challenge

This is the only challenge that will be awarded the first place award. * Create a interactive summer game with at least something summer related


There will be one badge for the top entry in the challenge. Top three places will get mentioned. Every other valid entry will receive a participation award. These badges will be awarded courtesy of @alyssavigil, and will be given approximately two weeks after the end date of the challenge. Note: To submit a valid entry, you must fulfill all the basic requirements [/quote]
Before submitting your entry, make sure it follows these rules:

  1. It must be able to be ran on codepen.io
  2. It says what challenge your participating in
  3. Not stealing code from internet

To submit your code:
Send me the code or link in this topic. The winner will be announced a few days after August 31. Actual date TBA.


  1. Games/plot lines are not allowed to be taken from the internet. They must be of your own creation
  2. You must enter in your name in the information. You aren’t allowed to submit an entry under someone else’s name
  3. You cannot steal from other people’s entries. If the person happens to ask a question about their project, you can’t copy their code and put it in your game.
  4. Your project may not contain any content that could be deemed inappropriate or vulgar such as swear words, nudity, or sexual content
  5. If you collaborated with someone, be sure to include their information along with yours. Such as:
// In  script.js
Codecademy Username: Jones1 & Schmidt3, 
Challenge Group: Pro
  1. The theme may be Incorporated in any way as long as it is
  2. You may not use any libraries or packages DM me if you have Questions, Comments, or Concerns and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. Good luck, obey the rules, and have fun! [/quote]

You can’t use a picture you took from your phone or camera. It has to be done using something like SVG in HTML for example.

Let's do this. ( !GIF! )



@alyssavigil!!! What will mtf say???

Also, really looking forward to see what you guys come up with!!


Can you use PJS without using HTML? Or do I need to go the extra step?


It has to be run in codepen.io, so just go the extra step. Besides, the extra step shouldn’t be that hard. I’ve done it before, so I know.


He’ll hopefully make an exception :grin:


If someone can draw on the computer as good as my friend does in this video, they automatically win :wink::

And the real question is if I’m the judge, can I still submit an entry? :thinking:


Spoilers don’t obscure GIFs like details do. That’s the way to conceal a GIF. In the title of the detail, one could state it is animated, so as to let us susceptible ones know to avoid it. Sheesh, giggle, cry. It’s embarrassing, to say the least. Some of us are reactive to visual stimulus (especially in a loop) and hope for very little of it on our daily web surfs.

Over the years I’ve managed to get used to Alex’s avatar, but that took years. Just saying.


Apologies Roy, you would have just had to ask for me to change it to a static image for you. I (foolishly) didn’t even consider it.

But I digress, this looks like a great challenge, will be interested to see the entries!!


No, but I can because I’m not judging :rofl:

Not important

I probably won’t though…


@mtf I’m really sorry, mea culpa. I didn’t realize there was a better way to hide these things. I’ve changed it to details and I’ll use this from now on with a (!GIF!) label on each. Even here, you’re teaching me things!


Wow, I’m proud to say I participated in a topic with one of the best things mtf has ever said.

Tip of the hat



2 weeks, 2 days till entry are due.

Clarification: The entries are due by August 31st at 11:59pm. Any messages after will not count. If your over time for my time (Eastern Standard Time, USA), then tell me what time zone you’re in, and if it’s good, your entry will still count.

Can’t wait to see entries!


So… after a popular opinion poll(I asked the mods/super users) there is also gonna be community awards! So that means if we get more then two people in the challenge, me or someone will release a poll after all the entries have been submitted, and you can vote for which one you think is best. Just so you guys all know.


Does the community winner get the badge too, or is it just the winner chosen by you?


Yes, the community winner gets a badge(unless @alyssavigil thinks not)


Ok. Thanks @stevencopeland!



The challenge entries can’t be entered after Saturday, August 31st at 11:59 PM. That is around a week from now! Can’t wait to see the entries as we get closer!

EDIT: Thanks for @stevencopeland for finding an error!


Exactly one week remaining! Who else is excited to see the entries? :eyes: