[Challenge] Build a Web Page for Your Favorite Band

First off thank you for your review of my code, and as it appears you are also my only option I shall give you a code review right back!

Good bits

  • As you can tell from my code I love nice readable code, and you have exactly that! I find it really easy to follow where each part falls in the page, and it makes it much easier to spot each of your uses of the relevant tags.

  • I like your use of the ordered and unordered lists on your Music page, including the fact the numbered list is in order (I checked!). The <em> is a nice touch too to make them stand out as names/titles.

  • I love the CSS styling of the images, but they’re also nicely placed on the page like a header and a footer. Gives the page a good feel to it so you know where the info begins and ends easily.

  • The commenting is really nice and descriptive, so even if you couldn’t follow the HTML easily, the comments let you know what exactly each bit does, and a new developer could go into your code and easily be able to make tweaks thanks to the commenting.

Possible Improvements

  • I think the only real point in the code I would recommend is to store the images locally. I’m not sure how much this has to do with it specifically being done for repl.it, but two of the figures have massive base 64 links. Either storing and using local references for these or using a link shortener would make your code even more readable.

  • Maybe this is an issue on my end, but your first video doesn’t appear to be loading. Either it’s my end or it’s just a small issue with the link, but something to look at.

Honestly I think that’s all I have with negatives, it’s a very well designed page with nice, readable code, and no excess or unused code I can see. Really good job and I’d love to see the CSS developed even further!


Thanks for reviewing!

I don’t think it’s your end, I only found one mp4 file of the artist, and it was hit or miss on getting it to work. I added the <iframe> as a backup for it.

@lilybird after the competition is over, how do you feel about us refining our projects and posting here?


Here is my link.
Imagine Dragons


Will review projects early next week and announce winner by Friday, July 10th!

Go for it! That would be great.

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The HTML code challenge to build a webpage for your favorite band or musician has ended, and the results are in! We had three participants and we recognize that all of you spent much time on creating great webpages, so kudos to you:


It was a tough call to choose the winner as all of them did a wonderful job creating a webpage for their favorite musician /band. However, there can only be one winner of this challenge.

:tada: The winner is @adamgaffney137183916! :confetti_ball:

Adam made excellent use of all of the tags and indentation, which made his code easy to read and understand. Great job, Adam! I will be following up with you in a DM to get you your prize!


Great job, and congratulations to you @adamgaffney137183916!! :partying_face: :clap:


Wooo that’s great news to hear! It was a really fun project and really made me think about the best way to use every tag, I think I learned a lot more about readability and even CSS going through and designing this! Thanks for the challenge and I look forward to more.


Thanks a lot! Hard luck, your website was fantastic and I’d like to see you develop it even more.


Well thank you. As always I learned several new things while building it, such as the use of <iframe>, and I am very thankful for that, it is a reward in its self.

Thanks to Codecademy for hosting the competition, I greatly enjoyed it.


Hey, when will we know the guidelines for July’s featured challenge?

Next Monday, I will release July’s code challenge. :slight_smile: