[Challenge] Build a static portfolio site

Code Challenge, September 28, 2020

Every month, we feature a new challenge related to the Monthly Feature’s theme. For this month’s theme, Building Your Portfolio, the challenge is:

Build a static portfolio site for yourself or someone else

Challenge Rules:

  • You must use HTML and CSS (JavaScript is optional)
  • You must include an ‘About’ and ‘Contact’ section. ‘Work’ or ‘Project’ section is optional.
  • You must include images, colors, and fonts
  • Originality and readability of your code (make it your own and use style conventions and comments to keep things legible).


Bonus Points:

Once you’re done…

Share it in a post below. Take a screenshot of your finished project in a browser and include a link to your GitHub gist or Repl.it link so we can see your code.

we can really improve ourselves from coding challenges, I’ve experienced it, like before I was not sure about so many things but then, when I did coding challenges & practices, I can see the improvement in myself.