Challenge 11 - 2

I have no idea what they are asking me to do here.

Use a Boolean expression that will print out the code in the else block of the if/else statement.
What message and what Boolean am i testing?

Just using an equal sign to directly compare boolean values. Understand might get confusing:

System.out.println(true == false);

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Hi Amanuel,

System.out.println(true == false);

Equal operator will compare the two objects and print the result.

In above mentioned statement holding two values T and F.
True is not equal to False. So it will print the answer false .
FYI Boolean only have two value 1. True 2. False. So we will get the answer with in these two values

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Hi Can you please elaborate your question. I am not getting where your stuck.

thats the anwser… The actual anwser…

Where you get confused?

the person with the question is @ziber…

Oh okay. Thanks. Hope ziber can understand my answer