Chairs! For study/gaming/anything else!

I was just wondering, now that so many millions are working from home and have been doing so for months…

Are people investing in a good chair?

Let’s face it, a mediocre chair might’ve been ok for a couple of hours a day, but once you have to use it every day for work, for so many hours? I hope people are getting something to keep their posture and backs healthy!

What do you think? How worth it is to spend money in a good desk chair? And have you? What kind do you have? Have you noticed the difference?


A good chair is totally worth it if you are spending more than a couple hours per day on it. I find the ergonomics of the desk environment (chair, desk, monitor) is very important. There is nothing worse than fussing with your desk environment over the course of the day impacting your productivity. :smile:

(I think some people have gone to their offices to retrieve their desk chairs and monitors. You can’t leave the end of a work day with your legs being numbed by your chair.)

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Do people here have recommendations as to where to get a decent one at a good price and/or which brand/model to choose? Really curious about this one! :face_with_monocle:

I don’t have a good chair (or desk situation). I should probably resolve this.
Though, I also rarely sit there and prefer to sit on the couch, legs crossed under or feet up. Also, probably not optimal. :joy:

I don’t have any specific recommendations because they’re really specific to the person. I’ve had mine for over 10 years now and love it.

I just came across an ad for the Ergo Chair 2 and the reviews say it’s pretty good?


That looks like a great chair with lots of features. For me, the height adjustment and back tilt and tension adjustment were important features.