Ch. Displaying all tags lesson 4

What do i have to make this work. in 2. add a new route, I am confused and tired

Is this the instruction you are having trouble with?

Open config/routes.rb and underneath line 1, type:

get 'welcome' => 'pages#home'

no the exact instructions are

In the routes file, add a new route that maps requests to /tags to the Tags controller’s index action.

Please link to the lesson. Thank you. Just the truncated link is enough. Everything up to but not including the query string (? …).


Refer to the example in Getting Started that is linked above.

For your exercise you can approach it the same way. (Ignore all the comments, but if you do remove them, be sure to leave the last line.)

    get '/tags' => '/tags#index'

yes im having that problem … u have the answers?

Not on the top of my head. If you have a problem, start a new topic and someone with Rails expertise will chip in (it won’t likely be me, I’m not really Rails savvy).