Ch.3 Ex.16 working on console but exercise not achieved


Exercise 5.1: And Now, For Something Completely Familiar

Here's my trouble, my code seems to actually works, but i can't complete the exercise since the site asks me "have you displayed len(ma_string)?"

I tried with 2 distinct configurations that i posted below

Anyone understand anything ?

ma_string = "done"
print len("ma_string"); print ma_string.upper()


ma_string = "done"
print len("ma_string")
print ma_string.upper()


"done" is 4 characters
"ma_string" is 9 characters

which is being asked for?


sorry, looks like the console blocked on my precedent code, which contained 9 chararacters, let's say the question is about done


ma_string is a variable that refers to "done"

ma_string refers to a 4-character string
"ma_string" is a 9-character string

The instructions ask you to print the length of ma_string

Which one do they mean?
Worst case you can just try all options, there are two.


did this : ma_string = "ma_string" and it worked !
not sure i totally understood why, but thanks any way !


I don't think that's what you were meant to do.

You would use a variable to refer to some data.

For example, you could have a variable called my_name:

my_name = "bob"

so If I need to access my name, I can use that variable. However, this would be quite useless:

my_name = "my_name"

I doubt that my name really would be my_name, what I'd want to know is the length of my name, that's 3 for bob.


yes, that's why i told that i didn't understood why it suddenly worked,

in the instructions they told me that i could put any string to the variable,

then to display the length of ma_string,

but ma_string = done didn't worked,

and the error seems to come from the number of characters,

for example ma_string = "012345678" works, but ma_string = "01234567" doesn't


Had you defined done before doing that? Otherwise that would be undefined. You might instead want to use the value "done" which is data, not a name referring to some value in the program

Also, the word "works" is terrible at describing what's going on, avoid it for just about all purposes. Same with "wrong"


got it, i should have typed print len(ma_string) instead of print len("ma_string")


sorry i mean't ma_string = "done"
thanks for the advice


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