Certification details


Respected sir/madam
I want to get detail that all courses completion certificate will be provided by your team when we switch to pro version
Tell me fast then I have to select pro version

Thank you sir
I hope you are getting my points


Hi Nayan,

Codecademy doesn't offer certification, however with Codecademy Pro™, at the end of each course there is a final project that you will make on your own computer, with instructions from Codecademy. This can be used as part of a portfolio and is arguably a better show of skill and competence with a language than a certificate.

I hope that answered your question!


to be honest, a certificates would be meaningless.

Most solutions of codecademy exercises can be found online, so getting a certificate doesn't prove anything, you could just have copied pasted the code from the internet, so even if codecademy where to release certificates, they wouldn't have any weight.

Building your own projects and publishing on github will always be worth more then any certificate codecademy would give you.

@jibblyj is right, pro™offers projects, which are a good basis, which you can then expand on, publish on github, which far outweighs a certificate.