Is course completion certificate valid after pro membership expires?

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There’s information about the certificates of completion on the Help Center, but I think that if you complete a course or Path before your Pro subscription expires then I think you’d retain the certificate.


I can confirm that you do retain it. You just can’t access the courses again (so save your hard-earned project code in your hd!).


Hi, I wanted to know if there is a possibility of receiving a letter of enrollment or something similar. I am currently applying to a course and I need proof that I have been learning through the Data Science path on Codecademy.

Looking forward to your response

Hello @mega3301457368 and welcome to the Codecademy Forums!

I believe that Codecademy doesn’t provide letters of enrollment, or at least I haven’t heard of this happening before. For now, you could use one (or more!) of the projects you’ve worked on in the course. Once you complete the Data Science Career Path, you will receive a certificate and the course will be shown as completed on your profile (codecademy.com/profiles/your-username-here).