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I’d like to ask you since I’m considering to sign up for PRO subscription do students get some kind of certification from Codecademy to download when skill is mastered ? I couldn’t find this bit of information on the website.

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Unfortunately at this moment CodeCademy doesn’t give out certificates, Your account profile can show as proof that you have completed the course

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Although managers might want consider to create some kind of certificate student gets to download. Something official but screenshot works as well I suppose.

Thanks a lot for taking time answering me … have a good one !

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Certificates for different things have been forged many times in the past, so I would not recommend this at all. I think that showing a final project to a potential employer would be just as good or even better than showing a certificate because

1. It shows that you have the skills (like I said, certificates are forgeable).
2. It is personal to you. The way you make your final project is your choice. You get to customize it to make it your own, and that is not forgeable.


You’re absolutely right. I didn’t think of that. But makes no sense to forge any certificate 'coz if you don’t have desired skills ultimately you would give that away and lose job opportunity anyway.


Basically I think you’re right - skills should be sufficient.

But especially in Germany (and probably some other countries, too) a certificate is still very important - along with finished projects and gained experience. I’m highly interested in the PRO version of Codecademy since there is no similar high-developed platform for Coding in Germany. There are some, but these are rather crappy.

So, if I want to use the knowledge I gain here in my daily work and for applications, I need something more than a printed screenshot of my account profile. I would pay an additional fee for that, too. Since there is no certificate yet, I would rather save the money for the PRO version and put it into some seminars here, were I can get a printed confirmation of my further qualification. Silly, I know, but that’s how the employment market works here …

Maybe, if there would be certificates in near future, the whole thing would be interesting as further training for employees in companies, too …

All I say is, that I can see Codecademy growing and spreading and that certificates might be worth of consideration in the future … until then, I’m fine with the Standard version.


I just talked with advisor at Codecademy about it. What he said is Codecademy is designed just to help you gain the skills you want and if you want some sort of diploma or certificate you need to go elsewhere. Show them your abilities on projects and you will get a diploma. For example Coursera does that.


What’s also interesting that I asked him off-topic question. I asked him since Codecademy have like millions students around the globe how many advisors like him helping with answering questions ? I understand not all of them have PRO subscription but still it must be impressive number of students who do have PRO membership. He answered he’s not allowed to answer that.

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