Certificate unavailable to down

I am able to download all certificates except for my Python3 certificate. How can I view this certificate?

I think they can take up to 48 hours to come through.

Thanks for replying!

I finished that course months ago and am still a Pro member…

Ah, are you sure that you’ve finished everything? Could you send a screenshot of the progress, please?

Try clicking on your avatar, then on My Profile. You should see the following:

You should click on your user logo – help – contact us.

I did this when my certificate didn’t show and it was sorted in a day or two.


Did you complete the Learn Python 3 course itself, or complete it via the Comp Sci path? If you completed it through the Comp Sci career path then the course completion /certificate will not appear on your profile page.

I completed both the python3 course and the comp sci path

You should now see the completed course and certificate on your profile page.

I still am not seeing it, unfortunately.

Please try a hard refresh (command + shift + r) of the page, and you should see it.

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Thank you so much for the help!

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