Certificate Regarding the Learn From Home Program

I completed the Learning From Home, especially Web Development Career path, it is written Complete but I could not find the Certifcate. I received all of the other certificates, but for the career path is not appear. How could you help please?

Hey there @jkendy!! Welcome to the forums :grinning:

How long have you waited? I believe it can take up to a couple days to get the final certificate.

Thank for your reply. I have been been waited for about three days. My friends got theirs as soon as they completed the course.

To the best of my knowledge as long as you have completed the whole thing, which judging by your screenshot you have, than you should get the certificate.

@lilybird, you probably now more about how the certificates work than I do.

Could you possibly shed some light on this?

I do not know much. What I only know is that my friends just got theirs as soon as they completed the course. Mine isn’t. I hope someone could say more and help me about that.

Hi @jkendy

The certificate should be there relatively quickly after completing the course.

If it’s still not there by tomorrow, you’ll need to contact Codecademy Customer Support about the problem as we can’t do anything about account-related issues here on the forum. :slight_smile:

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Hello @thepitycoder

Thank you for your info.