Certificate of completion

i just finishes analyze data with sql but i havent recieved the certificate. However i dont know how to submit a project and the corresponding presentation for review. is it compulsory to submit the projects. kindly help

If you visit your profile using the upper left icon and going to My Profile, it should show your completed courses along with View Certificate. If you can’t get it here then give it a few hours from completing the course, and if it still hasn’t worked and you have 100% completion, then contact support to see.


You will receive a personalized certificate of completion once you have fully finished a course or Path on our site while being a Pro member.

For more info - Codecademy Certificates of Completion

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There may still be an issue with the certificates not appearing: Completed course not showing on profile

Hello ma’am. I just completed the visualise data with python and it’s still show 100%. Again
Thanks for your help