Certificate issue

I have completed NLP course along with Chatbot skillset. I have not received certificate yet. I just gone through one of article from Codecademy. they are saying if you are doing any skillset and course get completed automatically just because content is same. but in my case I was looking forward to NLP course to complete with first priority along with chatbot skillset. so Please help me out regarding getting NLP course certificate.

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Hi there.

According to your profile, you have not completed either the Build Chatbots with Python Skill Path nor the Learn Natural Language Processing course.

If you believe this to be a mistake, and you have indeed completed both, then you will need to contact Codecademy Customer Support about it as this would be an account related issue. We can’t help with account issues on the forum, unfortunately.

No have completed Learn NLP and chat is about done. But my issue is with Learn NLP Certificate. And the issue is certificate is not showing up in profile. So your question doesn’t make any sense?

Like I said before, your profile says differently - though Build Chatbots with Python is now showing up:

If you have fully completed the Learn Natural Language Processing course, then give it 24 hours in case there’s a delay behind the scenes in this appearing on your profile (as there seems to have been with the Chatbots path).

If, by this time tomorrow, the completed course isn’t showing on your profile then you will need to contact Customer Support using the link in my previous post.

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