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Hello all!

I’ve seen this topic: https://discuss.codecademy.com/t/codecademy-pro/11025/13 - there is written, that there is no certificate after the courses. Is this still up to date? I’m planning to buy Pro only, if there is possibility to get a certificate.

Thanks, antivirtel

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yes, this is still up to date. There are no certificates. Certificates are over-rated. You could just build projects and put them on github, so much better then a certificate

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Here is the most up-to-date version of that Help article:

Ok, thank you for the information!

I’m not sure. In the majority of European Countries, I face the request of certifications right before being selected for the first interview. Certifications, if well done, are proofs for companies that you reached a decent knowledge standard in a specific field. Of course a nice git would help but that’s far more fakeable than a course forcing you to the completion.

That’s why a lot of code online schools has it. It’s weird to think that you offer those for Intensives, which are usually less instructive than a full path.

Especially for PROs you definitely should consider it. In my case, I’m not sure if it’s worthy to keep studying here with all those alternatives out there.

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i know, i am from a European country.

For codecademy, especially the free content, all the answers exist on the internet, so that is easier to fake then setting up your own projects. The actual commits show working pace, and you can search the internet for copy pasting.

a certificate is nice, but you need to be able to proof it actually has meaning

that is up to you of course.

I am just helping out on the forum, when it comes to certificates for content, i recommend contacting the community manager or something. I only have elevated forum privileges, that is it. I have no say in decisions involving certificates, and i would like to keep it that way.

Ok I’m talking about a smart way to do it, considering that there is always a way to cheat, especially in real classes. I think the people at Codecademy can easily accomplish a hard-to-hack system like:

  • Allowing only 1 tab / window during the exam session (https://stackoverflow.com/questions/4157866/count-the-number-of-windows-open).
  • Allowing only 1 browser to join exams.
  • Giving short time to answer, like 1 min.
  • Having a high minimum percentage to pass, like 80%.
  • Create tricky and practical questions.
  • In case of failure, prevent users to re-take it before a minimum period of time, like 1 month (see Linkedin).
  • In case of repeat, always change questions.
  • Block users, who are detected on hacking.

And so on. You can really invent anything and make it very very hard. That’s actually the meaning of certifications: everybody should be able to follow courses but only who masters a matter should get certified. Of course, you could have multiple computers, people, etc. But who would do that? A very small percentage of people, I can tell, if any.

The large majority of people who pay for learning are usually very committed to it. I wouldn’t cheat to pass a hard exam, I would just be more excited about a greater challenge because the end reward would pay me back.

Please let me know how and whom I can submit this quest, in a serious way.

i recently heard that they are working on a system to give certificates. Lets hope they find a good way, so you don’t need to tell anyone :wink: its already in progress.

javascript code is loaded into client browser, thus can be manipulated. You will need something more sophisticated, but point made.

I don’t see it happening for the free content, yes, such a system could be made, but its not cheap. So if it happens, i suspect it will be paid.

Sure, that was an example, even if you can validate JS server side how you like.

Never intended for free. At least Pros, of course.
Thanks fro this discussion. I hope it will be available something in the next few months.

the back-end of codecademy is not built with nodeJS, i know that much :wink:

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