i understand how the censor works but is it possible that when person types it does not show what he is typing like a passcode.


yea, possible by using getpass:

import getpass

pa = getpass.getpass()


how will that make it appear in ***


pass pa as argument when calling the function


ok ill try let me give it a shot


i still don'y understand can u give it to me in a example.


it does not cover what peron types it does nothing.


import getpass

pa = getpass.getpass()
print pa

this perfectly shows what the user typed? So then you can call your censor function:

print censor(pa, "hide")

how does the password requires censoring?


can u show me some code that it would work with like when person types in raw_input it should not show what person is typing plz give exp...


that is exactly what this code does?


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