Censor with While Loop


I'm trying to make this code work using a while loop. BUT
This code returns "*** * *** * * " instead of "*** *** ***" for the function input censor("hey hey hey", "hey). Help on this will be much appreciated.

def censor(text, word):
    new_text=" "
    for word in text:
        if word==word:
            while length>0:
                for c in word:
                    new_text=new_text.join(cypher)+" "
        return new_text


could you explain why you use .join()? it is a method for joining a list into a string, new_text is already a string


Because the concatenation methods i tried before this, only returned 3 *** instead of the required 9, only by using .join was i able to get the function to return all 9 *** *** *** although the spacing is off. I'm unsure about how to fix it. I wanted to force myself to solve using the while loop...if it's possible.


but then use the while loop as main loop:

def censor(text, word):
    x = 0
    while x < len(text):
        # do something
       x += 1

you currently have 3 loops, this will cause trouble


You're right I removed both the for loops and the program had the same output. For now I will solve using a for loop and come back to revisit it. Thanks for your help.


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